“We express humanity by making things” — An Interview with a Fort Collins Artist

Being an artist and selling your art is a tough career to have, even just getting your name out into the art world. Diane Findley helps artists solve that issue right here in Fort Collins.

On February 21, 2020, I had the pleasure of interviewing Diane Findley who works at and is the “President for Life” at Trimble Court Artisans, a local art gallery in Old Town that sells art from artists here in Fort Collins.

Findley has been a member over at Trimble Court Artisans since 1976 and she’s loved every minute of it. To her, working with the 50 artists and members who come to share their work is her favorite part because it’s an amazing community. They all support each other and help each other try to get sales, which leads to everyone celebrating when even one artist makes a sale.

Findley’s life didn’t start here in Fort Collins though. She grew up in Washington D.C. in the 60’s, which was a prime time for art. Falling in love with the art galleries, museums, and structures, specifically all the marble steps, formed her love of art culture and community.

She also loves creating and selling her own artwork out at Trimble. Pottery is Findley’s calling, but she doesn’t shy away from painting. Being free to paint whatever she wants for the past 30 years, she puts no restrictions on herself. Abstract expressionism is her favored genre of art but with giving herself no restrictions, Findley calls her art “Fort Collins Fauve”, named after an artist group in the twenties called the “Wild Beasts” (which, in French, was called Fauvism). They used expressive usage of color to create meaning and express emotions, and that’s exactly how Findley likes to do her art.

Findley’s love for pottery also plays a huge part in her art journey. She’s been creating pottery her entire life but yet every time she steps up to her worktable, she feels inspired just like the first time she created her first piece of pottery. Even though pottery has little reward for the amount of work, Findley does it for herself and uses it to remind herself about her love of art and why she started in the first place.

Findley’s theme and her message that she would want to spread is “We express our humanity by making things.”. She also loves a quote by her friend, “Beauty exists, not only in the thing created, but in the human touch extended.” She has lived by these quotes and it’s made her a better artist for it.

If you want to support Diane or other Fort Collins artists, visit Trimble Court Artisans in Old Town, Fort Collins. If you want to meet Diane specifically, she always works the First Friday Gallery Walk in Fort Collins.



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